Snow Leopards (Panthera uncia) are one of the most beautiful and mystic cats in the world found in rugged mountain regions of central Asia. Few areas in the Trans-Himalayan region of India, also known as “Little Tibet” boasts the “Ghost of the mountains”, but it is very difficult to track and photograph them due to their highly elusive behavior, difficult weather conditions and the vast rugged high altitude terrains they reside. Along with this endangered beauty, this area also have plenty collection of some of the world’s rare wildlife species like Ladakh Urial(Ovis orientalis vignei),Himalayan Blue Sheep(Pseudois nayaur), Asiatic Ibex,Tibetan Wolf (Canis lupus filchneri), Himalayan Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes),Tibetan Woolly Hare (Lepus oiostolus) etc.