There is no doubt, for any Wildlife lover, Africa is a dream place. There are innumerable reasons why any wildlife-loving person will be passionate about this continent.

Though I have been into wildlife photography for over a decade now and have traveled to many places in India and abroad but really could not get a chance to visit Africa, especially Kenya. This year one of my childhood dreams get fulfilled. I traveled to Masai Mara for the first time this August and what an experience it was. I feel enriched after completing the Kenya trip.

Before coming to Kenya, Masai Mara, I was under the impression that wildlife photography will be much more straightforward compared to what we usually get in India. But the real story is a little different. Yes, there is wildlife everywhere but to get a good & Different shot you need to do a lot of planning. Definitely, your guide & driver are the backbone of this. It is not like actions & events are happening everywhere, you just need to point your camera & click. No, Not At All.

Being a first-timer here it is more like a unique experience and I truly realized why world-renowned photographers used to go to this place over the years, multiple times. There are always new things happening there. There are always new Stories to tell there.

Hakuna Matata 🙂

Early morning in Mara

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